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The future of internet looks bright with LiFi

The future of internet looks bright with LiFi

Imagine a life where your light bulbs emit not only illumination, but also SUPER FAST INTERNET. Didn’t know this was a thing that was happening? Neither did we! until a little birdie told us about this thing called LiFi, developed by Professor Harald Haas from the...
Which country spends the most?

Which country spends the most?

We all know that the e-commerce market is massive, but who’s doing most of the buying? This infographic compiled by Expert Market with information from German statistic firm Statista gives us a breakdown of where the most money is spent. The information has been...
How ya goin’ Sheila?

How ya goin’ Sheila?

Cortana has now been updated to include an Australian version, which means she can now understand our ‘funny’ accents… sort of. Our Aussie girl isn’t as mature as her US sister but with an error rate of only 10-20% we think she’s doing alright. “For most of the tasks,...
Help cure cancer while you sleep!

Help cure cancer while you sleep!

The clever folks at the Vodafone Foundation Australia have partnered with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to help speed up cancer research through their new app DreamLab. Garvan Institute need supercomputers to do their cancer research and at the moment, they...