digital marketing

Digital Marketing & SME’s: A Match Made In Heaven

There’s no denying the trusted and successful traditional marketing tactics across printed media, broadcasting, direct mail and telephone. Up until...


Has the Apple iPhone finally turned sour?

For the first time ever Apple has reported a plateau in the sale of iPhones in its quarterly  earnings call….


RankBrain racks it’s brain to produce better Google search results

Google's got a new pal and it's name is RankBrain, a machine learning AI system that goes over historical Google...


Goodbye Lemmy You Legend

We here at Redline Digital are deeply saddened by the passing of Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, legendary frontman and bassist…


What you can do to protect your site!

Website security, it’s important – we know it and you know it so that’s why we’re writing a blog about…


No Big Red Dog here!

Just in time for Christmas WordPress have released “Clifford”, their 4.4 release, named after jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown not Clifford…


Two tones to take over in 2016

Pantone has changed things up for 2016 by mixing two colours together for the first time ever as their Pantone...


The future of internet looks bright with LiFi

Imagine a life where your light bulbs emit not only illumination, but also SUPER FAST INTERNET. Didn’t know this was…


Which country spends the most?

We all know that the e-commerce market is massive, but who’s doing most of the buying? This infographic compiled by...


How ya goin’ Sheila?

Cortana has now been updated to include an Australian version, which means she can now understand our ‘funny’ accents… sort…

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