Cortana gets stage fright

Cortana gets stage fright Stage fright – it happens to the best of us at all the incredibly wrong moments….


Zaps for Apps Updated Too!

We like talking about the clever little tools we use around here that make our lives easier and today we’re…


Zaps for Apps!

We like talking about the clever little tools we use around here that make our lives, and therefore our clients…

What’s In A Font?

So Google have changed their logo from their well known serif wordmark font to a san serif typeface! Why did…

slack app

We’ve picked up Slack

… and we’re never putting it down again! Slack is a handy new team collaboration tool that can integrate all...


Lenovo quietly installed software on laptops, even if you wiped it

A recently uncovered feature – which had been swept under the rug – allowed new Lenovo laptops to use new Windows features…

dallas buyers club

The Great Film Fiasco of 2015

In a landmark decision that’s been spoken about in all corners of the (Australian) internet the ISP companies targeted by…

web trends

Five Web Trends of 2015

1) Flat Design is here to stay So the flat design is sticking around for a while it seems. People…


What Facebook likes really mean and why you should care

In isolation Facebook likes mean very little. However coupled with engaging posts, well structured advertising and a reason behind it…


Why should I keep my WordPress site up to date?

Updates, updates updates! Ugh! Why do we have to update everything!? Well, when it comes to your WordPress site they…

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