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2FA Will be Enforced for Redline Clients with Existing WordPress User Profiles – Here’s Why

Feb 8, 2022 | Digital Marketing, News

WordPress is one of the most popular open source website creation platforms in Australia, meaning security is paramount to the safety of thousands of websites. WordPress already has a host of measures in place to ensure that websites are secure, but unfortunately, there are still ways in which malicious attacks can be launched.

One of the most well known ways to get unauthorised access to a website isn’t through a carefully planned hack, but rather leveraging sensitive information taken from a business. This is where 2FA becomes increasingly important, and why we are implementing this for our Redline clients with WordPress user profiles. Let’s explore 2FA in more detail and how it can be utilised to ensure your website is safe from threats.

What is 2FA?

2FA or two factor authentication looks at utilising a secondary method to verify a user is in fact the person they claim to be. Most of the time this is used when typing in passwords to access sensitive information, but the verification process can vary. So how does it work? Once a password is typed in a user will then receive a code either by text, email or another avenue (such as an app). They will then need to provide this code as the second factor to the password page ensuring authentication can be achieved.

2FA is already being utilised by many institutions such as banks, government websites and even for individuals to gain email access. While 2FA is slightly more time consuming when it comes to logging in, compared to simply putting in password, there are different benefits of 2FA:

  1. Reduces chances of unauthorised access – Even with the correct password an unauthorised user is unable to access it without being able to utilise the secondary verification method.
  2. Detection of unauthorised access – If unauthorised access is detected, then secondary verification can help to flag that there has been a breach with the password. This then allows the user / business to change the login to help minimise any potential harm to the company.
  3. Flexibility of verification – As highlighted previously verification doesn’t always need to be the same method and in some cases one method. Verification methods can be updated and changed to ensure reliable 2FA.
  4. Easy implementation – As with any security measure it is always a bonus when it is easy to implement and with the growing need for security online WordPress has made sure that it is particularly easy to achieve.

How Do You Set Up 2FA for New WordPress Users?

There are a few different methods through which 2FA can be added and WordPress has even provided an in depth guide into three different options through which this can be achieved. Each method offers their own benefits and detractors and it is down to the individual to determine what’s most suited.

Whichever method you decide, the importance of 2FA is undeniable. For any queries on how to implement this into your website talk to the website specialists Redline Digital.

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