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Has the Apple iPhone finally turned sour?

Feb 11, 2016 | News

For the first time ever Apple has reported a plateau in the sale of iPhones in its quarterly  earnings call.

Apple has sold 74.77 million iPhones since September, which is still a lot of iPhones, and  reaches the watermark they established (74.5 million) after last year’s release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

However, there has still been a zero per cent growth from last year, which Tim Cook blames  mainly on “weakening currencies in international markets”.

iPhone sales in millions from reported numbers  starting in January 2008.  


It looks like Apple is finally joining the rest of the smartphone makers of the world,  who’ve been  experiencing similar plateaus ( for at least a year, partly to do with China’s slowing economy. (

Another reason that sales of the iPhone might be stalling is that the updates from iPhone 6 to  iPhone 6s didn’t really offer much. Sure it came with 3D Touch and Live Photos, but not much  else changed ­ diminishing Apple fans ‘need’ to upgrade to the latest version for fear of missing  out on something amazing.

This may all change again though, with three iPhones rumoured to be coming out in 2016, the  iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the 4″ iPhone 5se.

If Apple has stuck with its  bi­annual trend of reinventing their biggest seller (iPhone sales account for about two­thirds of  revenue) they may just see another jump in sales in 2016, nullifying this plateau that they’re  experiencing now


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