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The growth of programmatic marketing and how to leverage it for your businesses

Apr 11, 2019 | Digital Marketing

One of the latest digital marketing trends for 2019, programmatic marketing is seen as the future of advertising and a tool that can be greatly utilised for your business’ growth. Google is projecting that 60 per cent of digital advertising budgets will be spent on programmatic marketing in 2019, highlighting just how important incorporating this tool can be to your business.

Programmatic marketing is essentially the automated purchase (or sale) of online advertising space. It streamlines the traditional method of ad purchases into an efficient automated process. It allows advertisers to place ads directly on websites that are beyond the capacity of Google and other conventional methods, with the precision that only data can provide.

Like many new digital marketing tools, it allows employees more time to work on processes only they can do. That means more time to plan, improve and optimise advertising, with programmatic marketing automating doing the ‘leg work’.


Understanding programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is easiest to explain with a scenario detailing the procedures of automated bidding on advertising.

Jenny (the advertiser) clicks on a website. The publisher of the page, Caitlin, puts up an ad impression for auction. Then, the ad marketplace holds an auction amongst advertisers who compete for that impression.

Jenny manages to bid the most for the impression and wins the right to display that ad.

That ad is then delivered to the prospective customer Scott, who is engaged by the ad and clicks on it. Ultimately, it means that Jenny has turned that into a sale and profit!


Leverage the benefits

Embracing the newest trend of turning ad buying into an automated process for your business has several benefits, including:

  • Advertisers don’t have to pre-negotiate prices, they only pay for the relevant impression they receive
  • The ability to sign up for a minimum number of impressions or prescribe a minimum budget
  • Savings on admin costs, as you can buy digital media across a wide variety of publishers
  • Real-time measurement of data
  • Transparency for marketers and advertisers
  • Higher ROI
  • Improved reporting and insights
  • More specific targeting of customers.

Combining programmatic marketing with data management platforms (DMP’s) can help you understand what each individual wants, their website choices, what engages or disengages them and the best time to reach out.


What to next for my business?

With programmatic marketing set to be the latest trend to dominate digital marketing, it’s important for you and your business to take advantage of this new tool.

Do you want to learn how to harness the power of programmatic marketing for your business? We can help. Our creative and energetic team of designers and online marketing experts will put you ahead of the curve by recognising the best practical approaches for your business. Get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Redline Digital today

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