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Why 360° Virtual Tour Videos Are Here To Stay

Apr 6, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Businesses have been exploring a range of new strategies to engage with potential customers, especially during the pandemic. One idea that’s becoming increasingly popular is the implementation of virtual tour videos. This can be achieved either through VR tours or a popular alternative, 360° virtual tour videos.

So what exactly are 360° virtual tours? These tours consist of a multitude of panoramic or 360° images which are then edited and seamlessly connected together to provide a single view of the interior of a business or building. The benefits of these tours have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak and now offer businesses a completely new avenue to engage with potential customers and offer them an in-store shopping experience.


Benefits of Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours help to build customer’s knowledge of a business, allow them to showcase both their internal spaces, as well as their products or services to the viewer.

The opportunity to let a viewer examine an area, whilst learning more about specific products or sites, can help to provide a “try before you buy” experience. Helping individuals to either move further along a purchase cycle or simply get a taste for virtually exploring a new environment. In fact, Milena Nikolova, a behavioral expert in the travel industry, stated that when people know, see, and learn about places, they’re much more engaged. Virtual tours aid in this. There have even been many tourism spots around that world that have already looked to implement 360° virtual tours for this very reason such as St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. With COVID-19, some individuals are hesitant about attending stores or high foot traffic areas due to the close proximity to other individuals. Virtual 360° tour videos mean that individuals can peruse a store from the safety and comfort of their own home. This alternative to visiting the store, can help to negate any fears of attending in person, whilst helping to manage the large amounts of visitors who could potentially visit the store/tourist attraction.


How To Create Your Own 360° Virtual Tour Video

As mentioned, 360° tour videos involve a high number of images integrated together to provide the 360° view for the user. As you would guess, there are a few different steps that come into this:


1. Getting The Right Equipment Or Choosing A Provider

There are 360° cameras available to the public, as well as online software that can help with editing. However, a more time and cost effective method is to use the number of companies that specialise in 360° degree tour videos, such as Redline Digital.


2. Choosing the Shots and Space

Next step is to choose the area to shoot. This should be an area that will most likely resonate or engage with your audience. For example, our client Abey Australia’s virtual 360° tour focuses on their individual showroom galleries and the products that the customers wish to learn more about. It is then important to make sure that the area being photographed has been set up correctly; it needs to look professional and compelling to consumers.


3. Uploading, Editing And Adding of Extra Features

Final process involves uploading the photos to create the virtual tour itself. This can be done through the software purchased or through your professional agency. Extra features should also look to be added such as product descriptions or attraction information. For example, on an art gallery 360° virtual tour an individual may see a piece of art that they like. Using a clickable action on the painting itself will allow the viewer to click and learn more about the painting and artist.

Virtual Tours are a unique marketing strategy to help businesses engage with potential customers through their website. Born out of new technology developments and the growing need to reach individuals at home, virtual tours have become increasingly prevalent. Find out more about virtual tours and how they can help to future proof your business today from the team at Redline Digital today.

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