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Why landing pages are important for your digital marketing strategy

Jul 10, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Strategic landing pages are used by 68 percent of B2B businesses to acquire leads. These landing pages target a visitor through search engines, allowing them to zone in on what makes your specific product or service great, not just your company.

For example, Sally is interested in trying out some new ideas for school lunches. She stumbles across a blog post you’ve created about lunchbox ideas for the new school year and is intrigued. Sally reads on until she’s directed to a CTA (call-to-action) that directs her to quickly sign up for a free eBook on cooking with your kids. Sally inputs some brief personal details, and a new lead is generated for you to follow up. This is one way landing pages can be successful.

By harnessing the power of effective landing pages, you can contribute to a number of business insights and financial gains for your company and provide a useful launching point for potential customers.


Benefits of creating landing pages

The benefits of creating successful landing pages centre around creating a more personalised and targeted experience for the user, while also ensuring that less visitors quickly drop off your page.


They can generate leads with ease

One of the largest benefits of landing pages is the ease with which they can generate leads. Rather than sending all your web traffic to a general home page, your users can be segmented according to their preferences and characteristics. Users want to feel important, and have a product or service speak to them and their needs. Landing pages are a great way of creating this personalisation.

By using landing pages, leads can be nurtured through ongoing, regular communication. This allows you to build a relationship with the user, along with a sense of trust. Companies get 55 percent more leads when they increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, indicating that multiple personalised landing pages can help a brand to grow.


They collect data to fuel marketing campaigns

Landing pages can help you gain key business insights. Through even the simplest of forms, you can learn a lot about your users. These forms, which normally form the basis of a landing page’s CTA, help capture limited but important demographic information you can use to enhance the user experience.

The data you collect can inform your brand’s marketing campaigns, helping you to better structure your communications and target specific users. Using segmented campaigns allows you to target users according to specific demographics, allowing your brand to approach the right people with the right message. Omnisend’s 2019 Omnichannel Marketing Automation Statistics Report revealed that segmented campaigns provided a 34.7 per cent higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns, showing how successful data can be to fuel more personalised communication.

According to Forbes, businesses who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. The information you collect can also help you understand how specific marketing offers are resonating with different visitors. This allows you the chance to optimise your future communications for greater success.


They remove distractions and create urgency

Targeted landing pages help a customer focus on exactly what they are looking for. When directed to a generic home page, users can often feel overwhelmed by the options, particularly when they’re only looking for a particular product or service that you offer.

As seen in this example from HubSpot, it’s quite clear what the page is offering. Rather than showcasing all of HubSpot’s services, the landing page simply shows the free eBook templates that are on offer, along with succinct text and an easy-to-fill-out form.

Keeping the form short and on the same page as the product information is key, making it a simple process for a user to sign up and generate leads for your business.

Use of effective micro copy such as ‘limited time only’ or ‘high demand’ in your landing page’s CTA creates a sense of urgency, helping visitors make a quick decision.


Constructing a successful landing page

If need assistance creating your own unique and successful landing pages, the team at Redline Digital are here to help! Our digital marketing experts can help your business utilise the numerous benefits targeted lead generation can provide.

Our creative marketing aficionados are determined to stay ahead of the curve with the latest marketing knowledge. So, if you’re after experts to help craft your landing pages, contact the team today.

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