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3 Things to know before hiring a web designer

Aug 29, 2017 | Web Design, Web Development

So, you’ve successfully established a product or service and you’re keen to get the ball rolling on an equally impressive website. Unless you’re an experienced web designer, this step should be left to the experts. A skilled web designer will capture your brand’s essence in a format that’s user-friendly and visually appealing. They’ll also save you from having a clunky or slow website full of web design mistakes and errors. In this article, we’ll take you through three important things to consider before hiring a web designer.


1.      What’s the scope of your project?

Before you even start looking for a web designer, first think about what you want your website to look like, and why. Do you need a simple landing page to sell a single product? Or are you after a more complex website complete with a shopping cart, numerous pages and a seamless checkout process? Knowing what you need your website to do – and what benefits its features will bring to your business and your customers as a result – will help you explain your needs so you can find a professional who can meet them.

For smaller projects, don’t be afraid to choose someone with more design experience who can focus on making your website look great and function perfectly. For more extensive jobs, choose someone who has well-honed technical knowledge and skills – they’ll focus on the complex details to create an accessible site that runs smoothly and helps to boost conversion.


2.      Do you have a developer?

Have you thought about who will develop your website once your design is ready? Many people don’t realise the difference between a web designer and a developer, often using these titles interchangeably. Don’t feel too bad about this, even some of the best ‘website designers’ are guilty of using this blanket term to avoid lengthy discussions about the complexities of their role. In many cases, ‘web designer’ is used to convey a broader set of skills, only one of which relates to visual design. To clarify:

  • Web design focuses on the visual representation of your website. Web designers focus more on the user interface of your website, ensuring that it looks great to your audience.
  • Web development focuses more on programming, coding and ensuring that all of your website functions are running smoothly.

It all depends on the individual and their unique skill set ­– some will be able to develop your site from scratch and some won’t, you just have to ask. If a web designer can’t develop your site, they may be able to suggest a developer they know to work on your project. Alternatively, digital agencies like Redline Digital harness the talent of several professionals for whatever your website job requires. From designers and developers to web copywriters and online marketing specialists, choosing to work with a trusted agency means that you’re commissioning the help of an entire team rather than one specialised individual.


3.      Is the web designer right for your business?

If you’re going to be working closely with someone on a vital asset to your business, it’s crucial that you get along, that your design preferences match and that you communicate well (especially if you’re hiring someone to work remotely for you). To make sure you’re hiring the right person, conduct interviews and check your candidate’s portfolio. Some designers have a very distinct style and some are able to offer more flexibility around crafting a solution to suit your tastes.

Looking for experienced website designers in Melbourne? Allow Redline Digital to provide real value to your business with our experienced team of web designers and developers. For measurable results, give us a call today!

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