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Why display advertising is changing the game

Digital display advertising – once a low priority item in the advertising budget, now in 2017 it can be the front-runner in a brand’s push for digital cut-through. Display ads are a major pillar in the overall advertising strategy of many brands.

You’ve seen them on just about every website you visit to read blog posts or shop – unless you’re using a strict ad blocker. Display ads are static or video ads that appear on a website. They are usually eye-catching and targeted to appeal to you.

So why has digital advertising made such an impact in the last couple of years?

Display advertising packs a powerful punch

Display ads can work in tandem with other visually led ads, such as print ads and billboards, and while these use similar principles, they can’t be targeted or tested as effectively as a digital ad. This is because digital display advertising allows a user to click directly through to your website and can lead to potential conversions.

Think of display ads as a complement to your efforts in Google AdWords and SEO development. Remember that your customer isn’t spending all of their online time on Google. They’re also regularly visiting websites that they trust and enjoy. So take advantage of this and meet your customer right in their comfort zone.

Seamless integration into our online experiences

Display ads are nothing new, having been part of the internet scenery since the mid-1990s. But unlike spam emails and other peskier online marketing attempts, display ads have continued longevity and seem to evolve through trends – because they work.

Display ads work on a subconscious level, building awareness and loyalty – two goals that are of immense value to any brand.

So whether your display ad is a banner introducing a new product promotion, or a clever retargeting ad to build brand awareness, you can be sure that your efforts are making an impact.

More relevance and customisation

Got a product perfect for the DIY home renovation market? Maybe it’s a specialised product that your market doesn’t yet know how much they could benefit from. Display ad opportunities allow you to buy ad space exactly where they’re doing their DIY research: home and building blogs, design websites, and more.

As ads become increasingly targeted and agile, brands can experiment more with customisation and A/B testing unique features, such as changing the ad copy, layout, and feature colours.

If you’re curious about how display advertising could help your business boost its reach and conversions, speak to one of the digital marketing experts at Redline Digital. We can help you with an awareness-boosting strategy to power up your digital marketing efforts.

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