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6 ways to generate leads through your website

Jun 8, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Getting your desired audience to your site can sometimes be a challenge. Converting those visitors into customers can be even harder. There are countless ways to influence how your business is found and who engages with it online. More traffic typically leads to more sales, target hits for your business platform and an increased reputation within your industry – which will be reflected in your SEO rankings too. As with many digital goals, leads generation on websites is part art, part science. But the good news is that it’s achievable with a few basic principles and some sustained effort. Try these 6 tips to get you started on the path to more leads and conversions.


1. Make it look the goods

When it comes to your website and generating leads and conversions, first impressions count. Make sure yours is a good one. By investing in professional UX led website design and engaging the skills of savvy designers, you’ll set yourself up for UX success.

The skills of a UX expert can help you build structure and a user-friendly funnel as the foundation of your website. With this customer-centric approach, you’re sure to win over more visitors – turning browsers into customers (and hopefully into raving fans!).


2. Create quality content

Beyond the chance to buy your product or service, you want to give people a reason to visit your website. Engaged and nurtured leads turn into customers, after all. Invest in high quality content that speaks directly to your audience.

Creating and promoting original content gives your leads a chance to see what you’re all about. Make the content that your audience wants to read. If your industry is always changing, show that you’re moving with it. Talk about new technology, products on the marker, trending skills and industry news. Being a thought leader will make coming to your site valuable exercise.


3. Be where your audience is

Aside from organic searches through Google or using keywords to bring in your leads, other ways to help you be seen are using hashtags on your social media or commenting and sharing content that relates to your industry. Not only does this help keep you in the loop for new and exciting opportunities you are also likely to be noticed by others who would be interested in your service.


4. Get to know your traffic

Ensuring that any targeted content you’re creating is the kind that your leads are responding to. By creating personas of a typical lead you want to attract and tailoring your brand voice and style to that, it becomes easier for you or a copywriting or design service to develop content that fits the audience like a glove. This will also help you stand out from your competitors when potential customers are led to your site.


5. Ask your customers what they want

If you want to generate leads to your site you’ll need to find out what your audience wants. This is where the value of a post-purchase survey or opt-in email funnel comes in. By offering discounts, free consultations or even e-book content, you can give people a valuable reason to share their feedback and insights. You can then respond by adapting your executing, tweaking your copy, imagery, calls to action and more.


6. To by or not to buy

Buying leads may seem appealing if you’re in a time crunch but the reality is, nobody knows your audience like you. Another concern with buying leads is that they may not even be original or genuine leads for your website.

White labelling services that bulk-buy faux followers may suit certain digital businesses, but when it comes to leads, you’re better off generating your own. Nobody knows your business quite like you do. Need more information why you should get your own leads? Hubspot’s breaks it down further to illustrate the potential dangers.

Now that you’re better equipped to handle your inbound leads. If you’re ready to take it a step further, get in touch with our friendly Redline team to start investing in your best website and digital marketing.

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