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Content: Why your digital strategy needs it

Jun 22, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Content marketing is so often the missing piece in a stellar digital marketing strategy. Have you ever been redecorating and felt like the room was missing something? Maybe a lamp in the corner or a rug by the sofa? You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know one little thing could make the space all that more inviting. That’s what your site feels like to visitors when you don’t have quality content.

Maybe it’s your homepage, lacking a flowing, enticing introduction to your carefully planned business proposition. Or maybe it’s your services pages, which only give visitors the bare minimum of information about what you can offer them. Either way, the benefits of improving your content are countless; increasing your sales, making your brand unique from its competitors and representing business as the best it can be.


The SEO benefits of quality content

We all now that the keywords you use on your site can improve its search engine ranking, giving new visitors a chance to discover your business online. But did you know that original quality content you add to your site can boost rankings too?

It’s been several years now since Google’s game-changing ‘Panda’ algorithm update that pushed the prominence of well crafted, quality content as a ranking factor. Since then, businesses across all industries and of all sizes have invested in cleaning up their content efforts and finding ways to connect with visitors through original and relevant content.

By creating quality content (think: blog posts, videos, interviews, case studies and product descriptions) that includes relevant keywords, this will leave a breadcrumb trail for your audience to follow. Plus, if your written content is interesting and engages your audience they’re more likely to stick around and see what you have to offer.

Though not as important a ranking factor as in previous years, backlinks are another side SEO benefit from improving your digital content output. Backlinks can be anything from blog posts written about your business, to your social media pages that rep your brand like there’s no tomorrow.


The Brand benefits of quality content marketing

Blogs or email newsletters are a great way to showcase your business – its style, values and offering. Updating your audience regularly with the latest news or links to articles relating to your industry can set you apart as an authority and a brand to watch.

Anything you do to enhance your site’s aesthetic and UX won’t make a difference if your overall content isn’t up to scratch. Your checklist for your content should look something like this:

  • Clearly defines who your business is and what you do, with a clear succinct messaging.
  • No keyword stuffing. Using fluff filler words to fill your content doesn’t translate well and will be penalised by Google. Not to mention, you’ll come across as uninformed and unpolished, on your own site no less!
  • Use long-tail keywords that are closely used within the industry you operate. These can be phrases regularly use to describe or explain what you do or sell.
  • Have an airtight, well-articulated content strategy. By planning out your content marketing across all platforms and setting content marketing goals for the months ahead, you can get an idea of what catches the eye of your intended audience engages with.


If you’re still a little uncertain about the benefits of quality content marketing or you want an impressive site build it from, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of digital marketing and website professionals.

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