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New year, new web design

Dec 11, 2018 | Web Design, Web Development

With the new year just around the corner, for many people it’s time to whip out those New Year’s Resolutions and get motivated for a great 2019.

For businesses, this is a good opportunity to take stock of how the past year went, and put a plan in place to guarantee success for the year ahead. Many businesses rely on having an effective website to bring in leads and drive sales. With that in mind, is 2019 the year to think about getting a shiny new web design?


Why you may need a new web refresh or design in 2019

There are a few reasons a new web design may be able to put you in good stead for next year.


Your business has changed

You may be thinking everything is same-same, and it’s all business as usual for 2019, but businesses go through change all the time – whether it’s deliberate or not. You may have added new products or services, discovered new audiences, or even gone through a larger change such as a rebrand or new positioning strategy. Perhaps the market itself has fluctuated, leaving your business’ website with outdated messaging. Or it may be your business’ goals have shifted. Change to your business will often mean your website needs a good shake-up.


Your website is outdated

A good website generally has a shelf life of about 3–5 years. After that, it’s probably time for an update to refresh the look and feel, and ensure everything is in order. You can conduct a website audit to start with. Check for broken links, rusty design work, and content that is no longer relevant. A good web designer can also help you add fresh new features to your website, and ensure it’s fully mobile responsive to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile world.


Your website isn’t performing

Look at your website analytics and see what the numbers are telling you. If your bounce rate is embarrassingly high, it could be because your website just isn’t up to scratch. A range of things can affect this, from site speed, to page design, to user experience. A simple web refresh could improve site visits, time per session and bounce rate, so you get more people engaging with your website.


Your website isn’t meeting users’ needs

A well-designed website will make it super simple for users to find what they need and complete the action you want them to take – whether it’s purchasing something, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form. This is where UX becomes vital to web design.  A web refresh should take into account what your users are there to achieve and make it easy and engaging to complete the desired action.


At Redline Digital, we often work with businesses who need expert web design services that make a difference to their bottom line. If you’re thinking it might be time to launch into the new year with a new web design, we can help. Reach out to our Melbourne web design team for more information.

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