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Plan your email marketing campaign in time for Christmas

Sep 27, 2017 | Digital Marketing

Christmas      … for some people it means eating too much and planning our calendar around a large man in a red suit. But for small business marketers, we know it as the most lucrative time of the year, with millions of customers raring to spend their cash while incurring the least amount of stress. If a large chunk of your revenue relies on the holiday boom, or if you’d like to take advantage of the Christmas rush, you’ll want to start planning your email marketing campaign now.

Why you should start you seasonal marketing in Spring

People are shopping earlier

While many of us might tut at the seemingly premature Christmas decorations in shopping malls and department stores, we can guarantee you that it’s working. The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Roy Morgan Research annual Christmas spending figures reveals that more people are choosing to start their shopping quests in November to miss the madness. So, by the time your customers even start thinking about spoiling their loved ones, they should already be aware of your business offerings. That means planning and launching your campaign well in advance and launching any big Christmas promos before the Christmas tree comes out.

Starting early can help reveal flaws

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as being too prepared, right? Starting your campaign early and watching how it performs in the market gives you the benefit – and the extra time ¬– to iron out any kinks so that your campaign is perfect for the crucial weeks leading up to Christmas. Analyse your campaigns, how people respond to them and then make iterations based on your findings. We guarantee you that this is the most effective way create a sales-generating campaign that resonates with your audience.

When to start your digital marketing campaign

1. After your last significant marketing campaign

It might seem over-eager, but trust us, there’s a reason why planning your Christmas campaign should start right after your last big promotion. After you’ve launched a campaign, it’s important to go over your results and understand where you did well and where you can improve on. Then, it’s about making these changes in your next marketing efforts, where you’ll continue to hone and perfect your approach. This doesn’t mean you should launch your campaign prematurely, it just means you can prepare for it sooner. This can help you avoid feeling rushed, especially during the rush of the holiday season.

2. In Spring

Two to three months ahead of Christmas, you should have a calendar completed and ready to put into action. It will include your promotion details, marketing actions and messaging. At this point, you should be crystal clear on exactly who you’re targeting and the compelling reasons why they should purchase your product or service in the lead up to Christmas and New Year. – And don’t forget the other seasonal occasions you might be celebrating with your customers: Chanukah, Kwanza and Boxing Day are just a few.

Don’t leave your Christmas email marketing to the last minute. Follow our advice and be prepared. It’ll make your summer less stressful and help you generate significantly more impactful campaigns. If you need an extra hand devising a digital strategy that will make your audience take action, give Redline Digital a call. We’d love to help you take advantage of this upcoming holiday season.

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