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Digital marketing tools to drive more e-commerce sales

So, you’ve set up your brand-new e-commerce website. Now what? It’s time to boost and optimise it with tools to help more people find you, while driving more sales. Consider adding tools and assets like live chat, product videos and remarketing . In this article, we explain these tools and how you can use them to your advantage.


Live chat

Convenient and easy to connect through, for many businesses, live chat has become an invaluable way to make contact with customers while cutting down your customer service inbox backlog. It provides them with immediate access to help, it’s quicker than fishing around for a support number (then calling and fumbling through a monotone list of numeric options) and it’s available within a single click. Is it time you added this ultra helpful tool to your e-commerce website?


What does it involve?

Live chat applications usually work like any other chatrooms you’ve ever been on. But, depending on the size of your business, you might not get too many people attempting to connect with you. That means that you’ll need to be conscious of it running in the background and be ready to respond if someone messages you out of the blue.


Professional product videos

Product videos are essentially quick explainers of your products or services. They’re great if you’re in a particularly technical field or if a visual representation of how your product works could help a customer out.


What does it involve?

Creating quality product videos requires a professional touch. We would advise hiring a professional videographer to make your brand look as smart as possible. They’ll have all the tricks and techniques to make your products look their best.



You might have noticed the same companies following you around on different sites with their advertisements. If you’re bothered by this, chances are their remarketing, or retargeting, strategy isn’t great. Remarketing is when businesses continue to engage with audience members who have visited their website. It’s a useful tool that can get people coming back to your site if you do it well – if you do it wrong, you risk frustrating and deterring potential customers further.


What does it involve?

First things first – know who you want to retarget. A great way to start remarketing is by appealing to cart abandoners because it’s a safe bet that they were probably interested in buying something from you. They won’t mind so much coming back to your website to check out what they were planning on purchasing – especially if you throw in a cheeky discount code.

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