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E-commerce essentials to grow your online business

Feb 16, 2018 | Digital Marketing, E-commerce

With Amazon setting up shop down under, there’s no time like the present to get your online retail marketing into shape. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Australian economy, and the trends are constantly changing. If you want to expand your small business online, here are five e-commerce digital marketing essentials to keep in mind:


Sales focus

If you were designing a brick and mortar store, you wouldn’t hide the check-out. But a lot of businesses still bury the actual sales point of their e-commerce behind numerous confusing pages. Put BUY buttons front-and-centre, and use offers and sales to improve conversion. Having a page with all these bargains in one place is also great for SEO.


Enticing images

When it comes to online retail marketing, a picture’s worth more than a thousand words. Poor product images are one of the biggest reasons your customers will or won’t convert, so it’s important you get them right.

Blurry, pixilated and unprofessional images are clearly out. Also make sure to include multiple images from different vantage points. The most effective small business marketing websites even use interactive 360º photography so your customer can see your product from any angle they like.

At the same time, make sure your images don’t take too long to load, or your customers will get frustrated and leave. A broken link – i.e. no image at all – is the worst-case scenario.


Safe and simple payment

Even though many customers are becoming more comfortable making online purchases, the growing sophistication of cybercrime means that trust is a must if you want to win conversions. Make sure that payment not only is secure, but appears secure. That could mean saying goodbye to the dodgy-looking credit card form you’ve had since 2002.

Stick to the one-button-instead-of two principle and minimise the number of hoops customers need to jump through to make their purchase.


Elegant functionality

When it comes to e-commerce small business marketing, functionality is key. In 2018, mobile optimised sites are no longer an optional extra – you need to have your shop in your customer’s pocket. Including an effective and easy-to-use search function will help your users find exactly what they want. Finally, remember to stick to the best accessibility practices in the industry so differently-abled customers can navigate your site with ease.


E-commerce ahead of the curve

Making your online retail marketing reflect your brand and connect to customers is crucial if you want to grow your business. With bold, on-trend design; smart social media and the just right tools, you can become a major player in the e-commerce space.

From Shopify to Woocommerce, Redline is at the cutting edge of small business marketing solutions. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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