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Digital action plan: the first 6 months

Jan 7, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Heading back to the office after a summer break can churn up an array of emotions – from excitement, to sadness, to a whole lot of stress. Make the most of your refreshed summer mind-set by planning some key actions for the first half of the year. It’ll mean you have clear goals and useful actions to take you through the remainder of the financial year.


Get a jumpstart on January

The start of the year is the ideal time to implement new systems for your business, so you can kick digital goals in 2018. If you’re overdue for a website refresh, this could mean reaching out to a digital agency with web design and development capabilities.

Investing in helpful time management software is a smart move at the start of the calendar year. By monitoring the time spent on various tasks by different people in your business, you’ll have useful data to look back on in another six months that could have a positive impact on your bottom line.


“Fix it” February

Now that you’ve kicked the year off with a bang and found some handy new systems and tools to help you grow, February is the time to finally push through that pesky to-do list that’s been building up. That means:

  • Cleaning up your inbox and archiving your old files
  • Updating the back-end of your website
  • Organising new team photos
  • Negotiating new service contracts
  • Updating your blog with fresh content
  • Documenting new processes
  • Auditing your online reviews.


Match a mentor March

With offices becoming more digitally focused, it can sometimes be hard to foster connections across teams. Why not try matching team members for an informal “mentoring month” of mutual skills sharing and collaboration? Ideally this will allow your staff to develop through learning the processes, tools and projects that are happening in a different area of the business.


Automation April

Making sure your accounting, reporting, communication and business development systems are working for you is crucial. If you’ve been considering implementing a new digital solution like Xero or Slack, April is the perfect time to start the free trial and give your team the month to test it out.


Mine for data May

Make May the month you dig deep into analytics to give your digital marketing a much needed health check. Many email marketing solutions, SEO tools and social media platforms have their own in-built analytics and reporting capabilities – so make sure you’re using them to your advantage.

Need help making sense of it all and finding out how to turn bounces into conversions? Check in with a team of digital marketing and SEO specialists.


Jetset June

It’s been a big six months and you deserve a mid-year break! Treat yourself before EOFY and jet off to somewhere relaxing for a few days. Preferably a tropical island!

Preparing six months of digital marketing goals is a mammoth task and this is just a very basic start to get you thinking. If you need an extra hand planning your digital strategies in time for 2018, give Redline Digital a call. Our professional strategists are experts in all things digital and can help you smash your business targets.

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