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What will voice search mean for your business?

Here’s something you can’t ignore – by 2020 at least 50% of all search is predicted to be performed through voice control. Yes, we’re talking next year. Things may not change drastically for your business because of this, but voice search will certainly impact how users interact with your website. Voice technology will open more opportunities for potential customers to find your business and get in touch with a simple, spoken request.

In this article we’ll explore the influence voice control is likely to have in the coming years.


Potential customers will find you more easily

Voice search enables potential customers to find you in a new way – one you may not have considered before. Considering 75% of smart phone users search for businesses near them weekly, businesses should be keeping location data accurate and up to date. Not doing so may mean missing out on potential new customers finding you.

While this may all seem a bit ‘sci-fi’, voice search isn’t only going to be enabling easier recommendations, it’ll soon be helping with booking appointments and more. Google Duplex launched a feature that can make reservations and appointments on behalf of a customer. The features are still in their infancy, but once fully developed will lead to changes in how customers can interact with your business. The main benefits spelled out by Google will be making online bookings possible for businesses that aren’t set up to cater for them and limiting the number of no-shows to appointments.


Your content will need a little attention

While your current content could be perfectly fine, it may need some tweaking in the context of voice search. When a person speaks to a voice-controlled service, they are most likely speaking with a conversational tone – the way people normally speak. While they may have been typing, ‘Bakery South Melbourne’ into Google, now they might be saying, ‘Where can I find a bakery in South Melbourne?’.

In light of voice search, SEO is still as vital as ever, but it now needs to be suitable for voice search technology. Check out these tips for creating voice search friendly web content for some pointers.


You’ll need to stay updated

Keeping your business information up to date is a top priority, especially when it comes to details such as opening hours. If you’re wondering what you should focus on, get inside the head of a voice searcher looking for your business. Are they wondering if you’re open on public holidays? Or if you close early over the weekend? It also helps to keep your reviews up to date. Google favours businesses with good reviews that are regularly refreshed.

As time goes by, voice search technology will become more refined. If you’re unsure how to get started with this transition, get in touch with our team of tech experts today.

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