How to spend your 2017-8 digital marketing budget

How to spend your 2017/8 digital marketing budget

New financial year means new budgets. So what do you need to consider when establishing your new digital marketing budget?

For the past few years, small businesses have significantly increased their investment in digital marketing. But whether you’re planning to spend more, less or exactly the same on your 2017/8 marketing budget, there are a few things you can do to make your money work harder.

Typically, there are three ways to spend your digital media budget: earned media, owned media and paid media. Of course, the distinctions between the three aren’t so simple, and some types of media will cross between over the three. Depending on what type of business you run, you’ll probably rely on some forms of media more than others, and building your 2018/8 marketing budget is all about understanding which types of media will give you the best bang for your buck.

Based on our experience, the below is a good outline for how you may want to spend your marketing budget this financial year.

Invest 40% of your budget in better content

Your owned content is a huge portion of your online presence. It encompasses your website, mobile site, blog and social media channels. Investing in improving SEO, content marketing, outreach and organic social media is money well spent. While it can cost money upfront to get great quality content, the traffic you earn down the line will be free.

By putting a large portion of your budget into improving your owned content, you’re establishing a solid foundation for the rest of your media spending. SEO and branded content can drive earned media and set you up for success.

Use 25% of your budget to boost owned content

This year, small to medium sized businesses are likely to invest in social, mobile and email. This follows a general trend that shows digital marketing budgets increasing and being spent on strategic customer outreach. Along with getting your content seen, increased spending on these channels is a great opportunity to boost content and propel sharing to get more eyeballs looking at your business.

With the right strategy, savvy spenders can turn paid media like sponsored social posts into additional free media.

Be a savvy advertiser with another 25%

While it’s true that you have to spend money to make money, it’s all about making smarter spending moves. Google Ads and rebuying campaigns are great ways to get in front of your audience, but you want to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, pay per click media can help capture your customers right when they’re ready to buy.

Set aside 10% for opportunities that may arise

If something new and exciting happens in your industry, you want to be able to jump on board. Setting aside some of your budget for unanticipated campaigns or opportunities gives you the freedom to jump on events as they happen. Plus, you’ll prove to your audience that your finger is on the pulse.

While everyone’s digital marketing strategy is different, this year looks to be the year for investing in quality media first and foremost. That way, expensive pay-per-click campaigns will pay off tenfold with support of quality content. And if you have any money left over at the end of financial year, you can keep the investment going and put it towards new website costs.

Ultimately, your digital marketing budget will come down to your unique business goals and strategy. That’s why Redline Digital works closely with clients to develop an appropriate strategy for them. Speak to our friendly team at Redline Digital and ask us how we can help you allocate your budget to meet your business needs.

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